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First Annual
Black Belt Magazine's
Festival of Martial Arts
Hall of Fame Dinner and Block Party

Behind the Scenes Photos
Hall of Fame Dinner and Block Party
July 30, 2005
Globe Theatre, Universal Studios, California
Photographer: John Michael Ferrari

[Red Carpet Photos by John Michael Ferrari]
On the Red Carpet

[Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame Dinner photographer John Michael Ferrari]
Inside the Hall of Fame Dinner and Block Party
                                                                                Grand Master Bob Wall

Coordinated by Cheryl Angelheart, Publisher of Black Belt Magazine and
Robert Young, Black Belt's Executive Editor

Hosted by Stephen Quadros

Event On-Screen Visuals by John Graden

Some of the Present and Past Inductees in Attendance:

Dana Abbott, Gary Alexander, Jerry Beasley, Richard Branden, Dennis Brown
Bobby Burbidge, Richard Bustillo, Alan Goldberg, Ralph Castro, Mike Chaturantabut
William Cheung, Gokor Chivichyan, Steve DeMasco, Fumio Demura, Linda Denley
Michael Depasquale Sr., George Dillman, Dominick A. Giacobbe, Meredith Gold
Stephen K. Hayes, Tokey Hill, Ernesto Hoost, Hyun Chul Hwang, Pat Johnson
Willie Johnson, Chong S. Kim, George Kirby, Lisa Kozak, Takayuki Kubota
Gene Lebell, Cung Le, Eric Lee, Shannon Lee, Joe Lewis, Charles Mattera
Chuck Merriman, Hayward Nishioka, Jimmy Pedro, John Pellegrini, Ernie Reyes Sr.
Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, Cynthia Rothrock, Mark Shuey, Melissa Soalt, Mike Swain
Bob Wall, Bill Wallace

Special Performances by:
The Sideswipe Performance Team by XMA
Chicks with Sticks
Ernie Reyes Sr. Demo Team

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